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The OakWood

High-Performance Home & Building

Driven by Innovations in Energy-Efficiency, Technology,
Healthier environments, and Eco-Friendly Practices

At the Forefront of Change and Innovation

Today, we are seeing four major innovations that are fundamentally changing the way any room, custom home or commercial building is designed and built – and ultimately the way we live. OakWood is at the forefront of these innovations.

While beautiful design is a given, we believe design must increasingly be considered in the context of these four innovation planks:


for reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint

Technology enablement,

including the Smart Home and intelligent building automation

Healthy environments

non-toxic building materials to eliminate irritants for living and working


green-building practices and environmental leadership

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Stop paying a fortune on hydro…reduce your carbon footprint

OakWood can provide recommendations on energy reducing options all the way to a net-zero High-Performance Home or building which can produce at least as much energy as it uses

Techniques and solutions include:

  • Improving the building envelope to ensure a high R-value
  • Solar panels, potentially generating more electricity than your High-Performance Home or building uses
  • Geothermal to save up to 70% in heating mode and up to 50% in cooling mode
  • Lighting solutions that eliminate incandescent bulbs
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Energy Star™ appliances that use 20% to 70% less energy
  • Cool roofs that use reflective materials
  • And many others


Smart Home technology and intelligent building automation

Using advanced technology to drive superior project efficiencies and better decisions – and bringing the most innovative new technologies for connecting, controlling, and automating anything

Using advanced technology:
  • Visit the new state-of-the-art OakWood Design Centre with QR bar codes on over 7,500 items
  • Cloud-based computing giving Project Managers and Design consultants immediate access to schedules and material information
  • 3D software to provide photo realistic designs that include your final material selections
  • True password protected Client Portal providing 24/7 access to all documents and real-time updates
  • Microsoft HoloLens to visual proposed design concepts (coming soon)
  • And more
Smart Home:
  • Take advantage of the Internet of Things to connect to, automate, or control anything from any location on the planet: smart hubs, remote control switches, home alarms and sensors, smart door locks, security cameras, appliances, and more
Intelligent building automation:
  • Integrate intelligent building technologies to lower operating expense, enhance you’re the environment for renters or users, and differentiate your High-Performance Home or building

The Healthy Home & Building

Nurtures those who are working or living with a healthy, toxin-free environment…

OakWood can recommend design elements and non-toxic building materials to eliminate irritants and create a healthy environment

  • Using materials that emit no toxic gasses and are mold resistant
  • Biobased insulation options like soy based and cotton-based insulation – avoiding spray foam and fiberglass
  • Incorporating passive solar and quiet, energy-efficient hydronic (radiant) heating systems
  • Heat recovery ventilator (HRV) and energy recovery ventilator (ERV) to deliver fresh air to your High-Performance Home or building
  • Following the Canada Green Building Council’s guidelines for the design and build of healthier buildings
  • And many other solutions

The Eco-Friendly Building or Home

Practicing Eco-Friendly construction methods…providing green, eco-friendly material options.

OakWood has always practiced the most environmentally advanced construction methods and can also recommend eco-friendly materials

Building Green:
  • Anything that is reusable from any renovation or building project gets recycled
  • Reusable materials are directed to families in need through our partnership with Habitat for Humanity
  • We subcontract to the leading environmental services company in Ottawa to ensure compliance with the EPA
We can help you go as green as you want:
  • Products that use reclaimed lumber, recycled plastic, recycled glass or natural products such as bamboo, cork, linoleum (anything that is made with natural, renewable products)
  • Energy saving strategies including Energy Star appliances, low flow faucets and toilets, tankless water heaters, LED lights, rainwater harvesting systems, solar panels, geo thermal, and many others

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