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Trust over 60 years of experience for your Home Addition

Get a well-designed, quality-built home addition that is a seamless extension of your existing home

Liptak 60 years Family Tradition Experience Whether you are thinking of a bump-out, a second story home addition or you want to replace an existing structure, such as a porch or garage, you probably have questions. Lots of them!   At the top of the list: how much will my new addition cost?   Other questions may include:

  • What structural issues need to be considered?
  • What kind of building permits do I need?
  • What are my best material options?
  • What are my design options?
  • What could my new addition look like?
  • What kind of experience and qualifications should my contractor have?
  • How will my renovation be managed?
  • How long will my renovation take?
  • How much will my new addition cost?

This list of questions just scratches the surface for a major project like an addition. But these are probably some the big ones that you need clear answers to before making a decision to go ahead confidently with your addition and choose a renovator or contractor.   That’s why OakWood recommends starting with its free QuickQuote™. You’ll get answers to all of those questions and a lot more.

QuickQuote™ is the easiest way to jumpstart your renovation

QuickQuote™ is a FREE service available exclusively from OakWood. It’s not the only way to get started with OakWood – but it’s perfect if you:

  • Are just thinking about or getting started with your renovation plans
  • Don’t have a budget for your renovation
  • Want to find out how much your renovation will cost
  • Want to discuss your renovation options with an OakWood certified Design professional

Here’s What you get with your FREE QuickQuote™

OakWood home addition advice

Valuable advice on your renovation plans from an OakWood expert

OakWood home addition quote

A realistic budget range for a complete renovation based on your needs

OakWood home addition ideas

Access to inspiring pictures and free project ideas to show you the possibilities

Our free QuickQuote™ is hands down the easiest way to jumpstart your renovation!

  • It’s accurate to within 2% to 4% of OakWood’s fixed-price FullQuote that you’ll get when all material and finish decisions are finalized.
  • Available as an in-home or an in-store or consultation at one of OakWood’s Renovation Design Centres, located in three Randall’s stores across the City of Ottawa.
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  • Get the best design options and home renovation ideas.
  • See inspiring samples of Ottawa house remodelling projects completed by OakWood.
  • Find out how OakWood will work with you to design, plan, and build your dream renovation.
  • Understand why we will guarantee you a beautifully designed, high quality home renovation that will be completed right and on-budget as quoted

Please note conditions apply:

OakWood’s free QuickQuote is offered to qualified individuals. To qualify you must be planning on building a renovation project within a year and want expert help to develop a realistic budget. Ask our OakWood Renovation Expert if you qualify for QuickQuote.

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