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OakWood’s Safe Spaces

Providing you with a state-of-the-art short or long-term, emergency space that you hopefully never have to use

Protect What’s Important

OakWood’s Safe Spaces is a specialized design and build renovation solution that leverages key innovations from our High-Performance Home™ (and Building) to design and build high-quality, ultra-secure spaces for family members or employees during any emergency:


for reducing energy utilization and when necessary achieving a net-zero capability

Technology enablement,

including high tech security for monitoring and staying connected

Healthy environments

ensuring a toxin free environment and clean, breathable air


with sustainable options for materials, energy, and sanitation

Safe Spaces can involve converting an existing room such as a den or storage area to creating a new concealed room or custom addition.

Whether you’re interested in an impregnable, short-term emergency safe-room or a longer-term, fully appointed, net-zero facility or bunker with air filtration systems, CO2 scrubbers and high-tech systems, OakWood’s solution is completely customized to provide you with peace-of-mind and maximum protection.

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Comprehensive Service

A stepped-process for planning, designing, and building any type of safe room or facility for emergency use

Short-term secure rooms to long-term underground bunker apartments with their own living quarters, power, and waste management systems

  • Additional insurance for loved ones or employees during a crisis including – home invasion, bomb threat, bio-terrorism, terrorist attack, natural disaster; and even a nuclear blast
  • A guaranteed safe-haven for short or long term stays that exceed what the local community can provide
  • Protection from explosive devices, intentional toxic substances resulting from deliberate chemical, biological and radiological attacks
  • To avoid the effects of accidental or intentional releases of potentially fatal chemical agents that are released into the air
  • A feasibility study including an onsite inspection to consider your best options, location on your property, and to take exact measurements
  • A detailed floor plan for the scope of work with entry and exit options to meet your needs and circumstances
  • Materials, structural systems, and building envelope for your project including security, waste management,communication and entertainment options, emergency lighting and power solutions
  • Design plan reviewed by specialized security professionals with top secret clearance and specialized construction professionals
  • Photo realistic 3D drawings with 360-degree panoramic views of your safe room or facility
  • A comprehensive fixed-price proposal with a detailed scope of work and payment schedule for building to your approved specifications
  • Built to the highest construction standards in the Industry

Safe Rooms

Short-term protection from break-ins or terrorist attacks until law enforcement professionals arrive

Safe rooms are not “bunkers” they are short-term protection against unwelcome and potentially violent intruders, providing a point of retreat and a wall of safety until law enforcement arrives.

Designed for a variety of emergency scenarios – and built to be bullet proof, fire resistant AND unbreachable

Our design and build solutions typically include:

  • Battery operated alarms
  • Monitored alarm system
  • Outdoor sensors
  • Fortified steel walls and door
  • Ventilation
  • Water and bathroom
  • Options for storing supplies and valuables
  • Backup power
  • Communication facility

Locations we consider:

  • Secure family room in basement
  • Reinforced walk-in closets
  • Storage rooms
  • Book shelf (concealing a safe room)
  • Wine cellars
  • Dens (with no windows)
  • Inside or attached garages
  • Master bedroom with ensuite bathroom

In some cases, you may want more than one safe room depending on the size of your home.

The important thing to remember is that your safe room must be easy to access during a crisis. Let’s discuss your options.

Longer-term shelters

The greatest protection possible from any crisis you can imagine

OakWood Safe Spaces
OakWood Safe Spaces
OakWood Safe Spaces

Our long-term home shelter options are limited only by your budget…and imagination

Custom designed and built to meet the most stringent safety, emergency and threat protection requirements:

  • Blast resistance safe-rooms or shelters
  • Military grade air filtration systems
  • Air conditioning and heating solutions
  • Emergency equipment and provisions including food, water, sanitation management, communication equipment, masks and hoods
  • Shelter maintenance plans
  • Emergency escape hatch systems
  • Air tight and water proof
  • Off the grid power supply

Designed and built to ensure your safety against any threat – for as long as necessary

The ultimate insurance policy

  • Can be designed to withstand natural disasters, bio-terrorism, bomb attacks, and nuclear war
  • Provides a place of secure shelter for hours, days, months, or longer

Long-term home survival shelters require highly specialized expertise to ensure they are vertically and horizontally reinforced.

OakWood brings over 60 years of in-depth construction experience to meet the requirements of secure underground survival shelters that have a minimal footprint and exposure.

Let’s talk about your secure shelter requirements and contingency plans in confidence.

The OakWood High Performance Home & Building

Leveraging innovations in Energy-Efficiency, Technology, Healthy Environments, and Eco-Friendly practices

OakWood Safe Spaces takes advantage of major innovations that drive our High- Performance Home & Building solutions to give you state-of-the-art options for creating a secure and healthy short or long term safe-space in your home


  • Power and energy solutions ranging from solar panels (with the option to be net-zero), portable 2kW military brush type diesel generator (fuel efficient and less vulnerable to EMP), batteries (12-volt and 6-volt gel cell batteries, portable biomass generators (running on biomass fuel including corn cobbs, wood chips, tree branches, etc.), and mini-hydroelectric power if your property has a stream or river


  • Building automation solutions for staying connected and retaining control over home and building systems
  • High-tech security systems that can include biometric technologies that merge facial, voice and behavioral recognition technology into keyless entry systems, fog screens to confuse intruders, ceiling mounted pepper spray systems, security monitoring hardware – and many other options

The Healthy Environment

  • Using non-toxic, incombustible materials to eliminate irritants and fire hazard
  • Military grade air filtration systems, auxiliary ventilation systems, concealed vents, blast proof valves (ensuring a blast does not force dangerous air into your safe environment), Carbon dioxide scrubbers (with charcoal filters)
  • Toilet and waste management solutions including composting toilets
  • Water solutions including wells, hand pumps, rainwater harvesting, and others

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

  • Building your safe space or shelter using the most environmentally advanced construction methods (and discretely)
  • Providing you with sustainable material and energy options including geothermal, solar panels, waterless dry sanitation systems, and others